What is the crisis?

For centuries, life insurance has been a cornerstone for families and businesses. It was there when needed most to provide income for surviving families and funds to pay off the mortgage, finance educations, prevent estates from liquidation and keep businesses in business.

Today is different

What your life insurance company isn’t telling you is:

  • Life insurance policies are failing at a rapid rate
  • It is the families that are left with the problem

The problem

Since the 1980s, universal life has been the most popular form of permanent life insurance. The policy’s performance is dependent upon complicated equations that integrate premiums paid, interest or investment earnings, policy expenses and the cost of insurance charges. When interest rates decline, it causes policy values to be less than originally projected. For universal life policies issued between 1979 and 2005, more than 70% of the policies we reviewed were destined to expire worthless unless additional premiums were added.

That’s the crisis...your life insurance policy is likely to expire before you.

Do you know…

  • if your policy will expire worthless?
  • if you will have to pay additional premiums?
  • if there a better option?

Here is what you can do

Regardless of when you purchased your life insurance, it would be wise to obtain a current performance and risk assessment of the policy. Only then will you know if there is a problem and how it might be resolved.

Click on “How do I fix it?” to begin your assessment.

The Wall Street Journal and Forbes magazine have reported on this life insurance crisis.

While the problem has been brewing for many years, many policies are reaching a crisis stage. People don’t even know there is a problem because they didn’t know how the contracts worked.
— Wall Street Journal, Nov. 4, 2013

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